After my previous blog entry about escaping the trap of being overworked to the point I was failing to maintain a respectable sense of responsibility for getting things done in my open source life, I’ve been going through all those open source projects and cutting the dead weight. It should pay dividends before the weekend with such achievements as completing development of PHPSpec_Context_Zend, PHPMock 0.1, and committing Zend_Service_Yadis before I start writing its belated unit tests.

One of the victims of this review has been Zend_Yaml. Earlier this morning I found an odd comment on the Zend_Translate_Yaml proposal by Thomas Weidner that he was erasing his proposal on the basis that there had been no progress on Zend_Yaml. Now enough is enough, so I read through the past comments and found Zend’s review. The review dated 2 January 2008 stated:

• Work with Padraic Brady to ensure that Zend_Translate_Yaml’s syntax will be supported by Zend_Yaml.
• If Padraic is unable to move Zend_Yaml forward, create Zend_Yaml with support for parsing the syntax subset necessary for Zend_Translate_Yaml; future development could then take care of any other portion of the syntax we wish to support.

To remove any similar confusion and perhaps stem the tide of emails over YAML, I have erased Zend_Yaml from the proposal page once and for all, and here’s why.

On the 15th November 2007, I received an email indicating that Zend_Yaml had been reviewed, and some concerns had been raised. Notably, the component required adherence to the YAML 1.1 specification and it was pointed out this would not perform well unless an extension existed supporting YAML 1.1. On this basis it was recommended the proposal await a future YAML 1.1 extension.

I replied that I agreed a full parser was no longer viable, esp. since in between the original proposal and it’s eventual review, the Syck extension for YAML had been accepted into PECL which was a huge push towards YAML support in PHP. I suggested a lightweight subset of YAML be supported.

I did not receive a response, so the status from my perspective was that Zend_Yaml had been effectively turned down until support for YAML 1.1 was available via an extension for PHP. Since that was unlikely to happen soon – Zend_Yaml was pretty much dead in the water.

So for those not paying attention – Zend_Yaml has been out of the picture since November 2007.

In December 2007, Eric Coleman posted a question about the status of Zend_Yaml and Zend_Service_Yadis. ZSY is easy to explain – overworked Paddy fumbled the ball horribly and rather disappointingly on that one so it’s currently released on PEAR, but not yet in the ZF. Wil Sinclair responded with the following on December 20th:

We just haven’t scheduled a team meeting to go over them yet. As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve been pretty busy working on the 1.5 release. […] but the fact is they are still there because we’ve got a lot on our plates. If Paddy were a squeakier wheel they would probably get through faster. 😀

I got a bit “squeaky” after reading it, though honestly I’m only getting around to applying a little oil to remove squeaks this month, and pointed out Zend_Yaml was already reviewed, and I had responded with suggestions. Predictably, there was nothing further. Which goes right back to a blog post I made sometime ago about the Zend Framework’s idea of a proposal process.

Now this is twice my name has been dropped as the ignoramous holding up Zend’s YAML support. I fully confess to being an irresponsible ass over Zend_Service_Yadis which has sat in PEAR for months without a Zend Framework migration as I struggled between work and other stuff, but pointing the finger at the author of a rejected proposal nobody else at Zend seem to realise has been rejected is a bit tiresome ;).

So guys, just to clarify things…I’ve deleted the proposal. This will ensure everyone figures out it’s been rejected and I’m not holding it up, and that using it as a review point for future YAML using proposals is thereby pointless. Maybe someone can now re-review Thomas’ Zend_Translate_Yaml proposal and give it a second lease on life before it too joins the Great Dodo in the sky…