Openid and Yadis

PEAR OpenID support packages released


After proposing these back in June/July (and getting held up by August’s vacation!) I have gotten around to releasing three packages on PEAR which are required for an OpenID package later on.


All are released as beta. Next step is getting the OpenID Consumer proposed…

Update: I forgot to thank my PEAR peers whose feedback and assistance on the proposal road was exemplary.

Prodigal PHP Developer Returns


First blog entry for a long time, and predictably it’s the infamous “I’m back!” topic. So I’ll be quick. I’m back. The Maug lives – though the four weeks I spent offline (mostly; I couldn’t evade certain persons who pay certain salaries forever though…) has left me bumming across my previous haunts scratching my head like a bumpkin tourist.

I’m sure I’ll settle back in to a few interesting posts here, and elsewhere, and in the arcane planes occupied by mailing lists. Just need to get my bearings, put up with “red-man” jokes (I can bum around Spain and get sunburnt, but mother nature, in her sorry excuse for Wisdom, decided I didn’t need to tan afterwards!), and figure out how many emails I missed during August. I’ve replied to a couple of the more interesting ones – the rest of ye land lubbers can wait ’till tomorrow! If you’re desperately needing to contact me throw an email to the usual place – I am staying current right now so few delays in responding.

Those who have been showing interest in the OpenID library I kickstarted during July will be happy to see it progressing once again shortly. Draft 12 of the OpenID 2.0 Specification has been recently published so I’ll be reviewing it for any necessary changes in the libraries operation. I suspect there will be few, if any, fundamental updates. A large part of the remaining work on the library is creating an integration testing platform to recreate the various conditions and options OpenID 2.0 allows for. Unit tests (as opposed to integration tests) were always sparse since the library is specification derived (i.e. you need around 95% of completed code before OpenID Authentication even works in a basic form).

The library is, of course, being persued for distribution via PEAR, and PEAR2 in the future. It’s been a month since I had a chance to discuss things with Dmitry, so a Zend Framework outlet may still be possible. I’m reasonably sure the Zend_Yadis proposal (a separate specification OpenID 2.0 requires) will be available with the Zend Framework eventually since it’s 99.9% complete barring unit test coverage. You can knock around OpenID For PHP for the current versions (from July – alpha status) used to obtain acceptance to PEAR.

I suppose my other main interest is checking in on where the whole Zend_View Enhanced / Zend_Layout debate has moved over the last month, and whether there has been any adoption of solutions in my absence.

So, for those who sent emails, IMs or other stuff to me over August – working through them now. Until next time!

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