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Up next: PHP Game Framework v0.10

It’s been little over a year since the idea of creating a PHP Game library was born. At long last its looking like the very first pre-alpha true release is nearing completion (we’ll ignore any previous development versions from CVS).

The PHP Game Framework is a mix of a standard drop in Application Backend, and an easy to manage light weight CMS. The basic goal of the full framework is to offer something very similar in part to a PHP Application Framework but with a more focused and limited scope - just enough in fact to support PHP Game Development. It’s not restricted to just Games - but hey, its our market niche…;-)

The project is largely the result of my and Mibocote’s (aka ProgrammerMatt) work on Shadows Rising RPG and Quantum Star SE. Both of these projects (plus Blue Sea World) will be using the same basic framework which largely explains how I can work on three games at the same time.

This framework will be a joining of two sub-projects: Q-LIB and Q-CMS; both of which have been experimented on over the past year. Q-CMS is currently MIA while we look into a final structure for the CMS. It’s simple enough to be completed within months, and is not yet an essential feature of the framework that is at this moment being actively used in my game projects.

0.10 - when released will still require substantial development to reach our final goals - but this seemingly small step is one huge leap for the project as a whole. It’s so important to my current game developments that its version is actually shared by Quantum Star SE!

Huge thanks to Matt who kept the project moving forward during a large part of the year while I was spending so much time attending lectures in anticipation of my Final Admitting Exams (yes, even at 26 you may still have exams).

The framework will be dual licensed under the GPL for the forseeable future with a dual license of AGPL to allow its use within the stricter Affero license (which QS and SR use). The release will be made in the near future at an SF project near you…

Copyright Breaches

Its amazing you know. You create an open source game, release, and get riddled with claims of license breaches and copyright infringements.

Today I decided to go all out and send a reply to one such claim by a not-to-be-named RPG game developer in PHP.

His original email was a classic example of what I receive - unresearched, unprovable, absolutely no evidence, and enough misconceptions to sink the good ship FSF. ;-) In short, that this email was ever sent is a miracle. It’s pretty disgraceful in fact.

I admit to be suffering a growing case of paranoia - I get this ugly feeling reading such emails that they are being addressed to a presumably uninformed newbie who should shut up shop and stop developing what could be a good PHP game. It must be paranoia - I’ve still yet to release a half decent version of SR or QS (been a year in the waiting). And I’m pretty sure I’m not a newbie.

Sometimes I think people just don’t really think before they send out these emails - it would at the very least explain a few things - like a well known developer claiming a license breach without even bothering to *read* my source code!!!

Must stop giggling…;-)