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Patterns for PHP: New Online Design Pattern Resource

Patterns For PHP is a new project to write and catalogue Design Pattern descriptions and tutorials for PHP programmers. The website is intended as an (advertisement free) online resource for Design Patterns with a focus on PHP implementations.

Though the design masks it somewhat, the site is actually a MediaWiki installation. It is our intention to allow the public edit and contribute freely to its content under the GNU Free Documentation License. Contributions may include Design Pattern descriptions and tutorials, articles demonstrating their use in varying scenarios, contributions on Design Pattern and OOP principles (since these are always applicable), and whatever else a contributor believes would improve the resource.

Patterns For PHP LogoThe Administration team for this project includes myself and Ambush Commander (a regular Devnetwork Forums contributor). Other signed up early contributors include Arborint and James Santos (also from Devnetwork). For those who decide to contribute and would like to discuss general issues, offer suggestions, or just talk about their contributions - we also have public forums (or will have - announced soon when setup).

What have we accomplished so far? Since the inception of the project (all two weeks ago) we have migrated to the excellent MediaWiki application and adopted a fresh design which improves readability. We have added entries for the Singleton, Registry, Factory, Abstract Factory, Strategy and Composite patterns. In the last few days we finally moved to our permanent location on the domain.

We still have lots to do of course. We have a provisional list of some 30 Design Patterns which we intend to see covered in the medium term (contributions to these or other Design Patterns in your experience are most welcome). In addition to just cataloguing Design Patterns we will be covering the principles and best practice which underpin such patterns and their implementation in PHP.

On a final note. This is a public wiki at its simplest. We will have a public forum to discuss the projects, its contributions, its future direction and other topics of interest. The wiki can be edited by anyone with an internet connection (yes, you!). It’s ad-free and will stay that way. The content is liberally licensed (and the same open license will apply to all future content and contributions). We truly hope it grows into a worthy online reference for Design Patterns in PHP; one that will complement the existing wiki.

A week without blogging…

It’s one of those weeks. You are set up to get a Patterns repository online, the first material is added, contributors trickle in, and bang - a client has an emergency. SIgh.

After a week spent stamping out wildfires It’s almost the weekend. I’ll be down south in county Wexford for most of it trying to relax and soak up some of the sunlight that has appeared in the Irish skies once again. (It’s a rare thing - sunlight in Ireland).

Next week, I will be returning my attention to the Patterns project. I have three signups, and two active contributors. Arborint, Ambush Commander, and SantosJ. If I were not too exhausted I’d dig up real names and blog links for all three - though I already link to SantosJ’s blog. It is planned to put this wiki on a proper domain by mid next week (that’s including the DNS resolution delay). The host will also change since I am moving some of my projects to a PHP5 enabled host with PostgreSQL and MySQL support. As a nice host, it also offers subversion repositories. I’ll identify them in another post when things are setup and I see what my experience with them is like.