Well, as I warned most people I have been offline for well over a week. Luckily I was compensated by the unusually fine weather over here in Kerry, Ireland - nothing quite like the heat folk over in the States have been experiencing, but excellent for a country where temperatures above 70F or 20C+ is a cause for celebrations.

My absence was unfortunate in some ways for my online activities. The Devnetwork PHP Book was at the stage of deciding upon a license (likely the GNU Free Documentation License) and debating the initial contents list. I’ll be heading over to check its progress during tomorrow after I recover from the last week of non-stop work. I’ll also be catching up on my emails, quite a few of which have been waiting for a reply for quite a while. I had hoped to get around to some of you last weekend but, alas, that was not possible.

This could be a posterchild example of the state of the Internet in Ireland. Unfortunately the country is ruled by a telecommunications monopoly which has sole responsibility for the phone and broadband network here. Mix that up with the company’s (Eircom) financial situation and its predictable monopolistic uncaring attitude for consumers and you wind up with a poor network which hasn’t seen significant improvement in years. From where I live, my broadband options are limited to Satelite access (prohibitively expensive, leaves upload speeds unchanged) or the future ray of hope in the form of a microwave network being heavily subsidised by the government. Fingers crossed that one makes it to completion in the near term. The joys of technology access in rural Ireland…

Anyways. Kerry, two weeks, no internet. Emails to be replied to at the weekend. I’ll be back there again in about two weeks - until then I’m playing catch up.

Back on track… My nearly two month break from developing the Quantum Star SE game (the all new version) will be finishing up fairly soon. I took the break way back when because I was losing all interest in it - one of those critical symptoms of developer burnout. I’ve been working on and off on QS since 2003 and the last 10 months has seen the older v2 scrapped and left out in the wilderness. Version 3, or what we project developers are calling the "Evolved" branch is powering along primarily on the backend. This side track into framework territory has been quite a learning experience. Honestly, if you want to get a handle on PHP OOP and best practice building your own framework as a side project is quite a fun experience. You learn a lot, research comes to the fore, and it’s valuable experience.

I’ll soon be back on track with QS and catching up on Protoshell (another game, possibly in Java, with Moocat) also.

Have I forgotten to mention anything? Patterns For PHP, of course. I have a list of "demands" from Ambush Commander (handle) regarding the site’s CSS and some other MediaWiki requirements. I’ll be pushing forward with those in the coming week. I’ll getting back on track with adding new Patterns soon also. With some luck, I can drum up some more willing contributors. As always if interested, contributing is but a registered account away - the site is a public wiki.

In addition I will be writing more for this blog - as if any force bar God is going to stop that…