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AJAX for Alien Assault Traders

A quick referral to Panama Jack’s blog where he discusses implementing a new AATraders template for 0.30 of the popular PHP space strategy and trading game. The new template uses AJAX, well with HTML rather than XML, to offer some options to resize each section of the interface as a user pleases, while remembering these choices with small CSS snippets stored server side.

It’s stuff like this that gives AJAX a good name - it improves upon what already exists, in a manner separate from the previous templates so it’s entirely optional. I know my own Astrum Futura is AJAX heavy, but PJ proves you don’t need a massive amount of work to leverage some AJAX tweaks for useability.

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Pádraic’s Open Source Projects 2007

2006 was the first year since University I have had some real quality time to commit to some projects. So I decided to put together a small list of projects I will contribute my time towards - such things take time of course. As of this month, I’ve settled on the main three.

1. Astrum Futura
2. Quantum Game Library
3. Devnetstore

This is not an exclusive list - I will continue my lesser roles in maintaining SimpleTest, and making infrequent contributions to those projects I regularly use like ADOdb-Lite. I also contribute to non-PHP projects, and that also will continue.

But the above three will be the ones which hold my attention most often and for longer.

Astrum Futura will be a PHP5 open source strategy game playable through a browser with an AJAX interface. I’ve talked it to death previously - so go dig up previous blog posts if curious. It is being built atop the Zend Framework - which incidentally just saw 0.60 released!

The Quantum Game Library is a collection of independent classes being added to by myself and Jacob Santos. Its aim is to be a reuseable library for future and current game projects we might undertake. All too often, PHP games have quite a few areas in common: mapping, authentication, application bridging, artifcial intelligence approximations, etc. which are redone in every project all the time. The QGL will offer a GPL licensed alternative to reinventing those wheels.

Devnetstore, which I will blog about in more detail in the new year, is an undertaking by members of the PHP Developers’ Network forums to create an open source ecommerce application. I had two motivations for joining. Firstly, I would really enjoy working with these people since we’ve been interacting on a forum and learning from each other for a long time (im my case well over two years). Secondly, the members have a common set of goals which make sense, are achievable, and which they want to see implemented using the current best practices the community advocates. Thirdly, I can’t develop just games all year. ;-)

Devnetwork forums have always had a focus on helping developers learn, and this project is no exception. It’s something anyone learning advanced PHP while contributing source will find an invaluable experience once it takes off. It’s not everyday you get to follow a best practice focused project from startup, through execution, to an initial release, with a medium sized team.

Between AF, the QGL and DNS I should have a pleasantly busy contributing period in store for me in 2007.

P.S. The list of links at the top of my blog have been updated to reflect these projects. :-)