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Zend_Service_Yadis Proposal

As part of the overall OpenID support goal, I have just formalised my proposal to support a Yadis Service in the Zend Framework and added to the ZF Wiki. If you wish to review and comment, the url is: Zend Framework Proposals: Zend_Service_Yadis - Pádraic Brady. If you don’t have a Wiki account you can add your comments to this blog entry.

The current approach focuses exclusively on the URL. I know there has been lots of progress regarding XRI, i-names, ILI and even an SMTP extension to Yadis however these will be dealt with once the main specification is implemented assuming demand and providers exist. Of course this all assumes the Proposal will even be approved ;) . As some are aware the roadmap to Zend Framework 1.0 is very tight, so my main aim is get the proposal to the Laboratory stage along with a few others I’ll propose in coming days and weeks.

Post 1.0 should hopefully see these components then reaching the Incubator within Zend Framework releases. In the meantime I’ll be setting up a more independent Subversion repository - a lot of the code has been occupying a QGL branch for convenience sake to date.

Edit: The initial source code is now being committed to, so you can export the entire trunk tree to see how it all fits together. Just be aware only the main service class is remotely finished and awaiting its unit testing.