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Getting tired of Home? Emmigrate to PHP City in Jamaica!

Yes, Cal Evans has setup the paradise of PHP City on the island of Jamaica. Granted, it’s a Flash version of Jamaica, but Jamaica all the same. Haven’t you ever wanted to visit Jamaica??? Then do it now!

If you really want to lend a hand, then visit this link everyday so we can overtake all the other piddly little settlements in Jamaica (like Rastafarie) and continue on to overpopulate the entire island. Commune with fellow PHP City citizens like Mayor McCal (our revered leader) or everyone else who commutes to PHP City daily (it has a 0 rate of Criminality, and 0 Unemployment!).

If you want to really help out, also visit the following: (Get yourself a job and build up PHP City’s industry!) (Let’s get the Transporation sector up to scratch!) (Whip out a BFG and fight crime!) (Save the environment and tell Bush where to stick it!)

…more links to click with fervour when the City’s population increases more.

As a really simple click-daily web game, the core concept of is quite good. It’s a simple ranking system relying on the obsessive visiting of URLs daily to increase the score of your adopted City. As I’ve seen before, it’s the simple things leading to a little pride, achievement and sense of superiority that are weirdly attractive to people. No doubt this simple flash game gets a surprising number of visitors who, attracted first by the simple concept of growing a Mini City, are then diverted to the other stable of games advertised on the site.

But, hey, we’re talking Jamaica - don’t disappoint Mayor McCal. If you do, some polite gentlemen may drop by, strap you to a chair, and force you to memorise all those PHP functions everyone relies on the manual to recall. Do you want that? I wouldn’t.