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New PHP Magazine In Town

You know someone is busy when they don’t get around to publicising their public outings. ;)

There is a new PHP magazine called “Enterprise PHP” available in English, German and French which might even console those missing the apparently ill-fated International PHP Magazine. Back before publication the usual tree of suspects led me to being interviewed for the initial edition published a short while back.

Therein I advise the readership on how Guinness makes you a better PHP developer. Ok, so maybe I didn’t go quite that far…

Still, it’s nice to have a European based magazine doing the rounds and I look forward to subscribing to the French version, just to provide a boost to my French reading skills. It’s incredible how much you can forget if you don’t keep using it.

If you’re curious, it appears that they will send you out the first edition for free after you fill out a short survey. Takes all of 2 minutes - what are you waiting for? Permission?