Filling in the blanks over my absence :) .

Effective from today, I am a free agent. Free of the binds of employment that is. Well, until I find another position… Welcome to redundancy…meh. On the flip side, it was expected pretty much as it happened and I get a surprisingly generous redundancy payment out of it - which was not expected but much appreciated. As for expectations, I preempted the whole redundancy thing since I saw it coming given the activity in the market. So I’m in an entirely unsurprising predicament I have planned for.

As I suggested in the past couple of months, I am scouting for new work but the slow economy which was probably just blown apart by the new Irish Budget (increase taxes since nobody at Government level is able to reduce costs effectively…bunch of worthless gits) only emphasised by the amount of money I saved buying some items across the border at the weekend (Ireland raises VAT, UK…decreases VAT…and Sterling rates are really good right now - hillarious) is just that - slow. Apparently a CV is now taking several weeks to reach the interview shortlist so it’s become a mind numbing exercise in patience. I’m quite patience, but I can’t avoid getting a bit bored with sitting at home and I’m not looking forward to it that much.

Nevertheless, my hopes are high that a good job is around the corner and I have been in discussions with some contacts, and my weirdly niche skillset (programmer, financial specialist, etc. with lots of nice abbreviations after my name) simply requires that I show a bit of patience until a suitable opportunity appears - which is inevitable since my niche area is actually fairly solid even in the midst of a depression. The redundancy was over other areas of the sector underperforming, and other people needing to…well…borrow my work to keep themselves busy. I don’t begrudge them - and I won’t be there to see the mess they have already started to create plugging my specialist role :) .

Playing the waiting game is something I’m good at - I have practically zero stress levels which is one part of my personality makeup I rather enjoy. Nervous at interviews? Piffle. Insecure in my abilities? Laughable. Hatez my job? I love my line of work - I’m good at it, I enjoy it, and I get paid extremely well for it.

But God, is job hunting slow this year! I’ve already heard of colleagues turning down jobs merely because the salary expectations have decreased so substantially. Some people just can’t take the hint to be more conservative in salary bases. Has nobody realised we are in a recession, and it’s time to accept a “hit” for a few years until the upswing (and our chances for career advancement) are improved? A stable job in a recession is not something to get all depressed and about because it pays 5k less than you expected - wake the fuck up! You’d swear the nation never had a recession before! I remember the 80s and 90s - especially the 80s since my Dad was seriously struggling in those days and it left an impression in my childhood memories.

In any case, this is why I’ve been largely offline the past few weeks - too busy wrapping up outstanding private projects, getting my CV nailed down, holding the usual pep talk meetings where recruiters swear blind to be your best friend (they are suffering too from the slow job market), working my contacts, and tracking down rumours of possible top-secret jobs not being openly advertised. I estimate at least a month until I am secured in a new office with a team of overly eager underlings (er…highly skilled professionals) to bend to my will (ahem…motivate, train and supervise). I could grab something short term, but I’d prefer to dig around for something and take a breather for a few weeks.

The downside is, obviously, weeks of freedom. I’m going to get pretty bored very fast, but should make more headway on the ZF book after this minor side adventure. Usually I’d scout around and grab a short term contract with a side dish of consulting, but I feel like enjoying my unemployed state for a few weeks to recharge and work up some enthusiasm for my next position. That I can afford to do so is frightening, but I have been lucky in that I escaped the equity market long before it seriously collapsed putting me in the weird position of waiting for the markets to recover so I can enter the market again and make a modest sum. I’m usually not egotistical (lies! lies!), but I saw it coming when the housing markets here in Ireland started to falter. Anyone curious can look at a graph of the ISEQ Index and fall down laughing at how it performed.

I think I fell off topic somewhere? Oh well, been a while since I blogged so endure the long post :) . If you feel like offering moral support, send a large ISK donation to “Maugrim McFiriba” in Eve Online - I’ll need more ships to pass the time in Eve I think :) . I’ve been enjoying the game for a while now, and it’s a nice diversion when the writing peters off and I’m not in the mood for relaxing with a good book.