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Zend Framework ElePHPants Available to Pre-Order - They’re Green!

Blue PHP ElePHPant plush toys are so yesterday. Ben Scholzen (you might know him as DASPRiD on IRC/Twitter) is now taking pre-orders for green Zend Framework ElePHPants. Yes, they are green. Yes, they have “ZF” printed on them. No, they are not a repository of Zend Framework knowledge. We tried really hard, but Intel insists that magical toys from the future are not real. Thank you for getting my hopes up, Mimzi. Stupid rabbit.

Ben needs to reach a minimum production order of 1000 small ZF ElePHPants and is currently hovering at around 200 after the weekend. If you, your user group, or your pet poodle want one of these, visit Ben’s pre-order page for more information.

The ZF ElePHPant is great for numerous reasons. Once you’ve finished admiring it, you can place it anywhere on your desk. It can sit on your monitor, on a stack of programming books, or dangling from some string to distract the cat which tramples all over your keyboard sending embarrasing emails in search of ear scratching. Cats are easy.

Due to production issues, Gamma Ray exposure will also result in a surplus of large green ZF ElePHPants for those with gigantic desks or pet tigers. We are not responsible for anything that occurs if you anger the ElePHPant.